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How to Give Your Hot Drinks a Bit More Pizzazz

How to Give Your Hot Drinks a Bit More Pizzazz

We have an obsession with hot drinks in this country. Whether it’s religiously drinking 5 cups of tea a day, or the overpopulation of coffee chains, it’s hard to get away from the sheer number of hot beverages. The only problem is, hot drinks in nice places can be expensive and they make your own drinks that you have at home taste like warmed up tap water, so here’s how you can add a bit of sparkle to your hot drinks at home.

Ditch the Instant Coffee


Instant coffee is very handy, because it’s so quick and simple, even a small child could do it (but you probably shouldn’t let them due to the risk of scolding…) People fear making proper coffee and I don’t really know why as it’s so simple. All you need to make great coffee is some nice beans (or ground, if you’re lazy), a grinder (if you go for the beans option), and a stove top pot (my preference). Put a bit of water in it, add your ground beans and wait a few minutes and there you go, a barista style coffee with minimal effort.

Syrups are Your Friend


You know why all of those coffees from Café Costabucks Nero often taste so good? It’s all the syrups that get added. They could be anything from chocolate, to vanilla, to hazelnut and they are all delicious and elevate any boring coffee to a taste sensation. You can actually buy syrups quite easily for home use, too, meaning you can create your own coffee wonder-flavors.

Benefits of Teas


Special teas have been growing in popularity of late; I even have a tea cupboard. The problem people have with herbal teas (anything that isn’t English Breakfast really), is that it doesn’t taste that great at first. These types of teas take a little while to get used to, but once you do, a whole world will be opened up to you. The main reason a lot of people drink these types of teas, is because they have ‘magic’ properties that can help relive a whole host of issues. Green tea can help you lose weight by burning fat; mint tea keeps your concentration levels high and keeps you alert without caffeine, and chamomile is a wonder tea as it can help you sleep, relieve toothaches, menstrual cramps, stomach aches… and pretty much any ailment you can think of.

Iced, Iced, Beverages

Iced coffee on wooden background

If it’s summer and you really need a pick me up, but can’t stand the thought of having a hot drink, then just make an iced version of either coffee or tea. They are both really simple to make (a lot more simple than you might think) and they taste fantastic; they will cool you down, and provide you the pick me up you need to carry on with your day.

Tea and coffee doesn’t have to be the boring option, as I hope I’ve shown you, here. The internet is absolutely full of interesting hot drinks, so try them out and find your new favourite.


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