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Fast and Easy Vegan Snacks

Fast and Easy Vegan Snacks


You might enjoy the health benefits of an eating a vegan diet, but sometimes you are at a loss of what to eat when you’re on the go. Many health food stores provide quick, plant-based snacks that you can eat while you are “on the go”, but if you are stuck at a convenience store, you may be hard-pressed to find a healthy snack. It is always a good idea to be prepared with a few tasty, healthy, plant-based snacks to put in your bag or your purse when you are on your way to work or to the gym.

Convenient and Healthy

It is a sad fact that the most convenient foods are unhealthy. One reason people have difficulty changing their habits is that it is very easy to grab a bag of chips or a packet of cupcakes from a convenience store at the gas station or at the campus bookstore. While convenience stores are increasing their healthy offerings, progress is not being made fast enough, and it is easy to backslide on a healthy diet when you’re under stress and are in a hurry. Places like the Clackamas convenience store are striving to offer healthy options to their customers. Fortunately, there are many healthy snacks you can make at home or look for in the aisle of your supermarket

What to Grab Fast

If you haven’t made anything ahead of time and suddenly feel like snacking on some unhealthy chips or going to a fast food place, you can usually find some nuts for a high protein convenient option. While the nuts that you may find at a gas station tend to contain more salt than is healthy, you could rinse out some of the excess salt and eat some peanuts or mixed nuts to provide the mono-saturated fat and protein you need to keep you satisfied. You can usually find rice cakes as well, but be sure to eat them with protein or else you will feel hungry again very soon.

What to Prepare

The notion of making your own crackers might sound laborious at first, but it isn’t at all that difficult. People who prefer gluten-free and vegan items often make their crackers ahead of time out of flax seeds, oats and other ingredients. These can be prepared in the oven at your leisure in time for your next trip. Roasted chickpeas are also a relatively easy item to make ahead. Simply spread cooked chickpeas on a baking sheet and cover them with oil and salts while turning them at frequent intervals. These chickpeas can be eaten like nuts, but are a fat-free, high-protein alternative.


Make sandwiches on the go with healthy mayo alternatives, such as Just Mayo from Hampton Creek. This mayonnaise replacement looks and tastes like the real thing and has a smooth creamy texture. Slice cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and tofu very thin and place them on a whole wheat bun with a generous smear of Just Mayo. You can find a variety of Just Mayo flavors as well as dairy and egg free salad dressings.


If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth wherever you are and to avoid the temptation of your local bakery, bring some Just Cookies or Just Brownies with you. Hampton Creek has a variety of mixes and doughs to help you make cookies and brownies that taste like they contain butter and eggs but are made with all vegan ingredients.

Soup on the Go

If you are at work and you have hot water available, you may be able to enjoy the comfort of soup before your business meeting in the time it takes for a coffee break. Bring some miso paste and keep it in the refrigerator to mix with a mug of water for a high protein, healthy soup that will give you energy and help soothe your nerves. You may be able to find other healthy instant soups at your health food store that are convenient to make and do not contain MSG or other harmful ingredients found in traditional instant soups.

One of the main obstacles to adopting healthier eating habits is not temptation itself, but giving into temptation based on the feeling that there are not healthy options available. Stress and an active lifestyle can cause many people to hurriedly overlook healthy eating options. However, if you take the time, you can usually find something healthy to pick up at the last minute, even if it is just a bag of peanuts, or prepare some fast snacks ahead of time to eat wherever you are.



  • Jana Williams

    All of these Snacks Look Amazing & I Love that They are Vegan b/c I Don’t Eat Much Meat! The Soup on the Go is My Favorite & I’m So Ready for Soup b/c it Gets Me in the Mood for Fall and Fall is My Favorite Time of Year! Great Snack Ideas, Thanks for Sharing! Have a Blessed Day – Jana

  • Dotty J Boucher

    These all sound and look delicious! I enjoy making some vegan foods at home, I have tried a few kale treats for me and the children and love them.