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Check Out A Few Designers Via STYLEWE & The Gorgeous Styles Each Offers ~ #stylewe

Check Out A Few Of The Designers Via STYLEWE Plus The Gorgeous Styles Each Offers ~ #STYLEWE


stylewe2Navy Blue Polyester Off Shoulder Simple Bow Blouse


Lily was born into a not very wealthy family, and the best toy was a Barbie doll, which belonged to her elder sisters. When her sisters were not at home, she always secretly dressed up the Barbie doll. She was born to be sensitive in colors and graphics, and one of her dreams was to design garments for her family. When she was 14, she apprenticed in a small garment studio, and through years of effort, she got promoted to be designer assistant. She became a real fashion designer at the age of 23, and in 2013, she founded her own womenswear label “LILITH A PARIS“, which is full of french style, using bright colors and fashionable floral prints to interpret her string character.

Some Of The Styles Include The Top Above and The Pieces Below:



Black Lace Cowhide Leather Drawstring Bucket Shoulder Bag


OMTO is the original designer accessories brand with the concept of young and brave. The style of it is individuality and unique living attitude. The designer of OMTO, Neo, with his sensitive fashion talent and refuses to accept the shining on the surface. Inspirations on rock and roll elements to create a fashion brand with a brave heart and positive personal value. There are also a number of very classical looking pieces, so if you’re on a budget, something like a Hermes Bag Replica could help you to achieve the same look.

Some Of The Styles Include The Top Above and The Pieces Below:


amii1Gray Pockets Long Sleeve Knitted H-Line Tunic


Julia is a gifted fashion designer, graduated from the famous Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar, deeply influenced by the modern aesthetics style. She fell in love with art when she was a little girl and was talented in painting. She loves dressing up more than other girls, and prefers the minimal style garments, which she thinks are revealing a fashionable and minimal aesthetics. After graduating from college, she worked at a well known fashion company as a designer. Meanwhile, she founded her own label “AMII“, which advocating minimal aesthetics with deleting all the extra decorations and turning garments back to its original condition. She believes that, the easier, the more classic.

Some Of The Styles Include The Top Above and The Pieces Below:

There are so many other fabulous designers and gorgeous clothes and bags available at STYLEWE so make sure you visit and check them out today! They have gorgeous and unique items at savvy prices!


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