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The Best 5 States to Hunt Whitetail Deer


You’ve got all your hunting gear together with the best scope on the market for hunting whitetail deer, the Nikon p 223 3 9×40 mate BDC 600, and time off work to go on that hunting trip you’ve been waiting an entire year for, but now where to go? There are many great places in America where you can find the perfect Whitetail destinations to achieve a successful hunt but sometimes it can be difficult to choose. Do you go to your usual spot where you know you can be successful or do you hunt elsewhere where you could get more kills? Some hunting spots offer equipment, like a deer stand elevator, and some spots don’t, so which do you choose? Hopefully, this guide can help you decide which location is best for your next hunt.

If you are intent on bringing home some venison and getting rid of these unwanted species, here are the best 5 states to consider.

1. Texas

Second only to Alaska in land mass, Texas is a big state and one which has plenty of deer hunting opportunities. A few years ago, 2011 to be precise, hunters killed more bucks than in any other state and more than half of them were at least three-and-a-half years old. With 1.6 million acres in the state, this is a favorite destination for hunters everywhere.

2. Georgia

Then there’s Georgia. It may seem like a strange state to list among the best states to hunt whitetail deer, but in that same year that Texas saw more kills than in any other state, Georgia saw the most in antlerless whitetails. Bear in mind that more than 3 percent of Georgia is open to hunt and if you are looking for some amazingly beautiful scenery while on the hunt, Georgia would be a destination par excellence.

3. Mississippi

Here’s an odd one as well! Who would have ever thought that Mississippi would make the list of top 5 best places to hunt whitetail deer? This southern state ranks first in bucks ages 3.5 and older and second in yearling bucks killed. Then, added to those rather startling statistics, Mississippi ranked 5th in the number of bucks shot per square mile. That’s pretty impressive if you are looking for a great place to hunt.

4. Illinois

If you are looking for a great place to hunt whitetail deer in the Midwest, Illinois should be at the top of your list. While Illinois didn’t see any record breaking statistics like those listed above, the one thing this state did see is the most entries in Boone & Crocket between the years of 2005 to 2010. This state takes the trophy for the most trophies, which makes it a great place to hunt if you are interested in bringing home something for the mantle besides a buck head.

5. Indiana

Another Midwestern state to consider would be Indiana, the Hoosier state. Hoosiers probably don’t want it known that this is the best state for catching a record-setting buck because, well, because they want the record to stay with a Hoosier. It’s really that simple. While Indiana doesn’t do much advertising in the way of being a great place to hunt, many hunters have gotten hip to a state that typically flies under the radar. Seasoned hunters from all over the world are looking to snag one for the books, and if that’s your aim, the Hoosier state gives you your best shot.

These are five of the best states to hunt whitetail deer, so whether you are looking to bring home a trophy or just some delicious venison, give these states a try first before venturing out into the wild unknown.