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A Baby on the way for Andy Grammer and Wife Aijia

A Baby on the way for Andy Grammer and Wife Aijia

Another celebrity baby is on the way and will be ready to see the world! Congratulations to the singer-songwriter Andy Grammer and his wife, Aijia on their first child – a baby girl! Yay!

Five months pregnant Aijia confirmed with PEOPLE their pregnancy and seems like everyone is all hyped about it. The wife of the 33-year-old singer said it’s such an exciting moment for them because their baby is going to be the first baby girl in the family, on both sides. Now there’s no doubt this baby girl will be the apple of everybody in the family’s eyes!

Grammer is one of the few celebrities who decided to firmly abstain from premarital intercourse until he tied the knot with Aijia in 2012. Funny to some but others put their hats off to people that can do this decision as it’s never an easy thing to do.

When it comes to having a child, these two believe that everything that’s meant to be will happen so they didn’t worry about getting pregnant. Aijia admitted they “just rolled the dice and said, ‘We’ll see what happens’ — and it worked if you’re wondering. Everybody is always telling you that you have to hurry because you’re running out of time. So there are these two different mentalities of, ‘You’re getting older, it’s not gonna work forever,’ and then, ‘You should just focus on your career because that’s the priority. I think for both of us, I got to a point where I was like, ‘You know, one of them is not more important than the other.’ We want to have a family and there’s no doubt that that’s what we wanted.”

Five months into her pregnancy, Aijia said she’s feeling great. Most pregnant women feel better during the second trimester.  However, she confessed she wasn’t prepared for how ‘crappy’ her pregnancy was going to feel in the beginning. Most first-time moms agree to that, Aijia!