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7 Reasons Why Dogs Make Good Pets

If you’ve never owned a dog, you might be wondering what’s so great about them. Your animal-lover friends go on and on about them, but as far as you can tell, you don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Yet adding a dog to your life can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you’re wondering why dogs make good pets, keep reading for 7 reasons. 

1. Dogs Provide Companionship 

If you’re ever feeling lonely or isolated from people, dogs can help you feel better. They want to do everything in their power to please you and will follow you and stay by your side no matter where you are.

On the other hand, pets such as cats, hamsters, and fish are more interested in you feeding them. They can’t provide you with the best friend feeling that a dog can. 

2. You Can Play With Them 

One of the best things about dogs is that for the most part, they love to play. You can throw a ball for them, take them to the park, and chase each other around.

Although all dogs enjoy having fun, certain breeds of dogs enjoy having fun more than others.

3. You Can Both Stay Healthy 

Although cats and other pets can be cuddly and loving, they can’t help you stay healthy like a dog can. Taking your dog for a walk will make you both happy and keep you fit. 

If you want a dog that enjoys running around and staying active, consider getting a breed such as a Labrador or a Border Collie. 

4. Dogs Make You Happier 

If you’ve ever seen a therapy dog, you’ll understand the effect that dogs have on people. Studies have shown that owning a dog can reduce your blood pressure and keep you happier. 

If you’re someone who suffers from high levels of stress or depression, a dog can help you stay happy and calm. 

5. They Know How You’re Feeling 

Your friends can tell when you’re feeling angry, sad, or some other negative emotion. Dogs can do the same.

If you find yourself upset, don’t be surprised to find that your dog comes over to snuggle with you. They want you to be happy too!

6. Dogs Are Smart

If you enjoy teaching and helping others learn, how cool would it be to train a dog? Dogs are social creatures, which has led them to have large brains. This lets them learn a variety of tricks and commands. 

7. They’re Loyal

If you feed your dog, take care of them, and show them love and affection every day, they’ll be there for you as well.

Relationships between dogs and humans can be much more than a simple master pet relationship. If you’re interested in hearing about how a man saved three dogs from fire, read more here

Wondering Why Dogs Make Good Pets? These Reasons Explain Why

If you’re curious as to why dogs make good pets, these 7 reasons can give you an idea as to why they’re so great. Regardless of which breed you choose to get, you can be certain that they’ll change your life forever.

Do you know any other reasons why dogs are the best? Let us know in a comment below!

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