5 Transport Tips to Read Before Traveling

5 Transport Tips to Read Before Traveling

The cost of transport can total a significant amount of money when traveling the world. Not only will you need to pay for expensive flights, but you will need to shell-out for public transport, hotel transfers, car rentals and more. To help you save money, here are some top travel tips to remember on your adventure.

Flight Delays

Flight delays are an almost daily occurrence in most international airports, yet surprisingly few people know they are entitled to food and drink vouchers to spend at the airport. If you are unlucky enough to endure a delayed flight, you should speak to the airline about the vouchers. However, an airline will often only provide vouchers for lengthy flight delays.

If you suffer a flight delay for more than three hours, you could be entitled to compensation, depending on the airline and destination. What’s more, if you are left stranded at an airport overnight, an airline is required to provide you with overnight accommodation until you have received a new flight.

Promotional Codes

There are some fantastic promotion codes available online that could save you a significant amount of money on travel. One website to visit is rideshareapps.com, which features a variety of rideshare app promo codes that provide free credits for taxi rides with the likes of Uber and Lyft – which means you can enjoy a free cab ride.

Public Transport

Public transport is also a fantastic way to save money when taxi fares aren’t an option. For example, if you are traveling to London, you should invest in a money saving Oyster card, which can offer cheaper rates for the London Underground. So, travel like a local and hop on a subway, bus or coach for a cheap way to go from to A to B.

Mid-week Flights

Few people choose to travel to in the middle of the week due to professional or personal commitments, so it can therefore be cheaper to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday. The same rule goes for booking flights, too. Most people choose to purchase flights and accommodation at the weekend, which often results in travel companies hiking up their prices. So, for the best travel prices, book a trip in the middle of the week to secure a bargain. The money saved can therefore be used on creating wonderful memories overseas, such as trip excursions.

Transfer Options

Speaking of travel companies, many often add a transfer option to their flight and accommodation packages, which people often select for ease. However, you could be paying too much for a bus or car from the airport to your hotel. It therefore pays to browse the market for the best rates, because it can sometimes be cheaper to pay for a private taxi over a shared transfer coach.

The best way to save money on travel when overseas is to simply ask the locals, as they will be full of tips and advice on how to save money.

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  1. I didn’t know airlines provided food vouchers for lengthy flight delays. I figured that you’d have to pay for your own food.

  2. I have been wanting to travel to Ireland. It is so expensive to fly there, that it makes it really hard to start planning. Great tips and I have decided to start saving pennies today!

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