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5 of the The Best Olive Oil Brands in 2020

Olive oil is heart-healthy and definitely delicious. There are a lot of different olive oils out there, here are 5 of the best olive oil brands in 2020.

Olive oil is the healthiest fat on earth.

It’s full of antioxidants that lower inflammation and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Olive oil can be used to nourish hair, skin, and nails. Best of all, olive oil is a tasty ingredient that adds flavor to your meals.

What is the best olive oil to keep in your kitchen?

From Spain to Italy to California, we’ve narrowed the top five olive oil brands for 2020. Let’s explore.

1. Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil by ZOE

Who says the top olive oils have to come from Italy? Not us! We’re loving ZOE, an olive oil brand pressed and bottled in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

ZOE’s extra virgin olive oil uses Cornicabra olives, which resemble the shape of a goat’s horn. The taste combines fresh herbs, delicate fruits, and a luscious, buttery finish. It’s a full-bodied and versatile oil to use in your cooking.

The product is cold-pressed, which means the olives never exceed 80°F throughout the oil-creating process. The regulated temperature ensures high-quality and fresh flavors.

Why We Love It

We love this olive oil blend for its robust taste. It perfectly balances a variety of flavors, including almond, artichoke, and pepper.

The ZOE brand takes pride in providing the finest products, and it shows. ZOE’s cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has been awarded ‘Best Choice’ by The New York Times.

The different flavors make this olive oil a functional kitchen ingredient. Add it to salads and hummus to kick your dishes up a notch. Use the oil for marinating, basting, and sautéeing dishes. Whatever your cooking, ZOE’s olive oil is sure to enhance the flavor.

2. La Tourangelle Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

La Tourangelle upholds a delicious flavor at a reasonable price, making it one of the best olive oil brands.

The olive oil contains a fresh, peppery taste. The Spruce Eats acknowledged the product as the best olive oil for dipping.

La Tourangelle is another Spanish-based olive oil company. The brand cultivates its olives, specifically picual olives, in Andalucia. These olives are not only delicious but also rich in antioxidants.

Why We Love It

La Tourangelle’s organic extra virgin olive oil is the perfect go-to ingredient. Plus, it won’t break your bank. La Tourangelle’s organic extra virgin olive oil goes for $11 for 750 mL.

The oil is cold-pressed for optimal flavors. It is 100% organic and non-GMO verified. La Tourangelle’s olive oil doesn’t use plastic. Instead, it comes in a BPA-free tin container.

3. Mantova’s Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil Variety Pack

Mantova bottles the most delicious flavors of Italy by using 100% Italian olives. All of its oils are pressed, seasoned, and bottled in Italy before being shipped around the world.

Mantova sells a variety pack of olive oils that are perfect for creating scrumptious flavored olive oil recipes. Each bottle has an organic extra virgin olive base but includes additional seasonings. The flavors include:





Each oil in the variety pack has 8.5 fluid ounces and comes in a glass bottle.

Why We Love It

Olive oil is a heart and brain-healthy ingredient. It’s an excellent alternative to cooking with butter. The more you can incorporate olive oil into your diet, the better.

With this variety pack, there’s never an excuse not to add olive oil to your meal. The infused oils work wonders when added to fish, meat, pizza, soup, pasta, and salads. They are an easy way to spice up your cooking.

In addition to the delicious flavors, we also love that the oils use organic ingredients. There are no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients involved. 

The variety pack is also the perfect gift for a fellow olive oil-lover. The oils are easy-to-use and full of flavor, so they can be applied to a broad range of recipes and cooking styles.

4. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil

California Olive Ranch is a well-established and all-American olive oil brand. The company has been harvesting and creating exceptional olive oils in California for the past 20 years.

The extra virgin olive oil is well-balanced to add the perfect dash of flavor to sweet and savory dishes. The oil is verified non-GMO and kosher certified.

Why We Love It

We support California Olive Ranch’s passion for sustainable thinking throughout the growing, milling, and packaging process.

All of the oils are certified virgin by Applied Sensory, LLC. This particular extra virgin olive oil carries a seal from the Olive Oil Commission of California, one of the highest quality standard certifications in the world.

This brand of extra virgin olive oil is light, yet still tasty. Its mild flavor makes it easy to add to everyday sautéeing, baking, and roasting.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Tenuta Di Capezzana

Tenuta Di Capezzana creates some of the best olive oils in 2020. The well-known manufacturer is based in beautiful Tuscany and has been producing olive oil since 1716.

The brand’s extra virgin olive oil is its best-seller. It has a buttery and mild flavor with a peppery finish. The taste is balanced with artichoke, citrus, and earthy aromas.

Tenuta Di Capezzana creates its oils in a southern Italian estate that dates back to 804 A.D. The brand uses cold-pressed techniques to maintain a unique Tuscan flavor.

Why We Love It

We love Tenuta Di Capezzana’s extra virgin olive oil for drizzling on slices of bread, pizzas, and salads. Add a dash of garlic and black pepper, and you have a delicious and nutritious olive-oil based salad dressing.

The product itself is high in polyphenols, low in acids, and healthy for your heart. The olive oil is certified organic and maintains its fresh flavor. The fruity and peppery notes make it flavorful without overpowering your meal.

Kick Your Meals up a Notch With the Best Olive Oil

With so many flavorful and eco-friendly brands, there will never be a shortage of delicious olive oil to choose from.

So, now that you know that best olive oils in 2020, are you ready to get cooking? Keep browsing our website for more delicious ways you can incorporate olive oil into your dishes.

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