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5 Of The Most Popular Version of Blackjack Played Online

There are a few versions of most of the online casino games, but the one that is most played globally, and many find fun and exciting is Blackjack. There are a few different ones but we look at the popular 5 below that are offered on prevalent platforms such as online casino NetBet and some of them are structured around the country of origin.

A few of the most common differences between games of blackjack are between the dealer’s move, how many times a player can split and the limitations of doubling down. We look at 5 of the different versions played on online casino platforms below so you can choose the best one for yourself. 

The main objective of the game is to get a hand that’s closer to, or amounts to 21. If you go over 21 it does not count. Players are generally dealt with cards facing up and the dealer has one card that’s facing down. An ace with any 10 point card is the best possible Blackjack hand. 

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European Blackjack

In this version, the dealer does not receive the hole card until he has decided how to play the cards dealt with him or her. There are slightly more restrictions in this form than the American one for instance, so it’s worth reading up on the rules if you plan to take on a European table.

Classic or American Blackjack

Called by either name – American or Classic Blackjack, this is the one that you would mostly find in casinos and online. In this one the stage at which the dealer takes the hole card differs. 

Here the player gets the hole card, which is facing down before he makes his decision about his hand. Doubling down and splitting, also differ in this game. Players get to split their cards up to three times, so they can have between 1 to 4 hands in play.

Blackjack Switch

The main thing that sets this type apart is that players get two hands, which they can play separately. They could either swap the second card or switch between the two hands for a better play.

Vegas Strip Blackjack 

As the name goes – Vegas Strip Blackjack is derived from the famous Las Vegas Strip of casinos in the USA. Which has an assortment of land-based casinos and hotels for tourists and residents. The dealer uses four decks of cars and stands on Soft 17 (a 17 that includes an ace card) and the doubling down is initiated on any initial hand as well as after splitting. The Ace card can only be split once. 

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

There is one more known as “Blackjack perfect pairs” which is when players are offered the perfect pairs initially, and before the cards are dealt. This means the first two cards should be of the same face value as the facing card, and they win.

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