Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Party Dress

How to Choose the Perfect Party Dress


So, you’ve finally got an invitation to the hottest party of the season, but you don’t have anything to wear. Searching for a perfect party dress can be stressful, and it’s more difficult than it seems to get it spot on and find a formal party dress that truly makes you stand out from the crowd, wherever you go. When searching for party dresses, take the following into consideration to make sure that you make the perfect choice.

Consider the Occasion


When choosing a party dress, it’s important to make sure that you take the occasion into consideration. How formal is the gathering that you’re to be attending? If you’ve been invited to a formal party, the most ideal choice is a more conventional cut which falls at the knees or below. For more informal parties, it’s acceptable to go for a more fashionable cut that shows off a little more skin. A cocktail dress is a great choice which can be worn for both.

Find the Perfect Color


When you’re looking for the perfect party dresses, you should think about which colors accentuate your best features. When choosing your dress color, go by your skin tone to pick one which will look best on you. If you have dark colored skin with dark hair and eyes, jewel-toned dresses such as rich purple or gold are likely to be the option that will look best on you. For ivory or beige-colored skin, choose a dress which brings out the undertones. Royal blue and teal shades look great and accent skin with blueish undertones whilst peach colors go well with skin that has pink and red undertones.

Consider the Fabric


While you might find a dress in a cut and color that you like at a bargain price, it’s always important to remember that cheap fabric is easily noticeable. Investing a little more in a good-quality fabric will ensure that your perfect party dress looks even better on your body and to onlookers. If you’re choosing a dress that you plan to wear again in the future, such as a little black dress, a quality fabric will make sure that it lasts longer and you get more wear from it. You should also be careful with the type of fabric that you choose as certain fabrics such as jersey or knit can cling to your figure and make you look bigger than you actually are.

Don’t Worry About Trends


One big mistake that many girls make when choosing a party dress is to go straight for what’s on trend right now. This is great if current trends are ideal for your body shape, but if they’re not your outfit could become a disaster. Instead, determine what your body shape is and select a dress based on the styles that make you look good personally, rather than what’s on the catwalks. Remember that dress styles aren’t always one-size-fits-all, and something that looks great one on person might not necessarily suit another.

Finding a party dress doesn’t have to be hard work. Keep these tips in mind and you should have no problem at all.


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