Capturing the California style in your interiors

Capturing the California style in your interiors


What do you think of when you consider the California style? For most of us, it’s easy-breezy and laid back. A bit bohemian chic thanks to flip-flops, open windows with flowing curtains, and the crisp scent of saltwater. It’s beach life at its best – and you can have it in your home, no matter where you live. Especially those that might be interested in looking for the services of a Redondo Beach real estate agent or similar locations, to really live the beachhouse lifestyle!

West Coast homes are known for their eco-friendly architecture, beach chic décor, and freewheeling fun and inventiveness. Overall, it is comfortable, functional, and environmentally friendly with a relaxed, timeless appeal.

So, how can you capture the California style in your interior design, even if you call home somewhere as far away from California as the UK? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Achieving this unique style is easy with the right combination of color schemes, textures, décor, and pared-down contemporary furnishings.


Many designers take advantage of the California weather and locale of the homes to get that laid-back California style. However, you can do this anywhere. If the home lacks the quintessential California architecture, you’ve got to choose the right color and textures throughout the home. But, it’s not as simple as selecting a neutral color scheme. This is where texture is essential.

California style screams ‘natural,’ and so you’ve got to incorporate nature in some way. Opt for a wall treatment made of grass cloth to give the room a natural feel. Natural woven shades instead of linen curtains can also do the trick. And, many California style homes feature slipcovers gently gracing the floors so don’t be afraid to try something a little different with your furniture.

When it comes to selecting furniture, you do need to take special care to ensure your rooms don’t seem contrived. California style may include slipcovers, but it doesn’t mean tacky or flouncy. Remember, at its heart it is laid-back yet chic with a minimalist approach. California style, by definition, is casual elegance. Look for narrow-backed wicker chairs, oversized pendant lamps, and bold patterns to bring a sophisticated seaside feel to your home.


Though interior design styles tend to evolve over time, the principle behind California style has remained a constant. It is sophisticated yet understated. However, when it comes to California architecture and the area’s real estate market, things have been changing over the last decades. You can buy sildenafil online in http://www.sildenafil-online.org/ canada When your order is shipped out, you will get a notification email with the tracking number for your packages.However, even despite the economy’s ebbs and flows, one thing is certain: California is a very attractive place to live and it is apparent within the market.

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If you are considering a move to California, you’ll quickly immerse yourself into the iconic California style. However, not everyone can make that move, so instead capturing the California style in your own home is the next best thing. By following some of the simple tips above, you will undoubtedly design your own personal beach house – even if you live in the splendid UK countryside or in a sprawling urban area.

So, what’s stopping you? If you want to feel relaxed, sophisticated, and timeless in your own home, why not consider changing your home’s theme to the California style? It’s easy and you’ll be really pleased with the result.

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