Turning a House Into a Home ~ Great Tips for That New Move!

Turning a House into a Home


Moving into a new home marks the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. For most first time homeowners, purchasing a house is a very exciting process. However, many will tell you that turning a house into a home requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication. The key to a successful move is too prioritize your tasks and organize your time in order to accomplish everything you set out to do.

1. Deep Clean


Before the movers come and unload all of your boxes, start on the right foot by giving your new home a deep clean. Every homeowner should take advantage of the still-empty house in order to clean all of the floors, baseboards and windows. In addition, wiping down the countertops, shelves and drawers is also a must. If you decide to follow through with this step, make sure that you set up an area where all your supplies, such as buckets, mops, vacuums, gloves, are all set up in one area. In doing so, you will be able to find things a lot more efficiently and will make this process a lot smoother.

2. Double check everything


Once all your belongings are unloaded off of the moving trucks, make sure to double check your inventory lists. This will prevent any errors and will ensure that all your properties got delivered to the new house. During this process, it would help to have a floor plan as well as an inventory list set up ahead of time. This will enable you to verify if everything has arrived safely.

3. Unpack the essentials

Close-up of a young man's hand holding a cardboard box

During the first few days of your moving experience, you should unpack everything that is vital to you, and yes, that does me your coffee machine as well as your favourite mug. Be sure to unpack some clean clothes for the upcoming week and look for toiletries, towels, bed linens and other belongings you might find useful. Unpacking the necessary articles will allow you to plan your move more efficiently instead of diving right in and unpacking whatever is right in front of you. Throughout your move, your primary concern is to get everything organized. If there are some boxes you do not want to keep in your new home, you can keep your belongings in storage and bring them home whenever the time is right. There are storage spaces in Montreal or other major cities, and they are conveniently located next to major highways in order to access them more frequently.

4. Be social

Woman Giving New Neighbors Housewarming Gift

After settling in your new home, be sure to meet the locals in order to get acquainted with the new community. The best way to do that is taking a leisurely stroll throughout your neighbourhood. You can meet some friendly neighbours or find out the best place to grab a bite. The sooner you embrace your surroundings and the people living near by, the better your chances of settling in and enjoying your new home. Everyone deserves a lovely place to lay their head at night. Where you decide to do that is completely up to you!


  • Barrie

    A new house is exciting but really such a pain to set up and to become a home. I pray I never have to do it again! Although a home is always a work in progress…

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