30 Cool Dining Chairs from Modern Digs

30 Cool Dining Chairs from Modern Digs

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It is no secret that I am prepping to move and well…. I am looking to leave behind some things and purchase some new items to update our look without replacing everything and killing our budget. I am definitely going to be updating some old items to make them new as well as adopting some unique new pieces to refresh and update my homes style overall. We definitely need a new sofa and my husband is going to build me a new dining table as he is a carpenter…. so that is why I am hunting for some cool dining chair options.

I was so excited to find The 30 Coolest Contemporary Dining Chairs Ever. The assortment and amazing styles are just too cool for words….. so I am going to show you a few. The chairs pictured above are super cool and I actually love the assortment of colors that really liven up the modern look of the contemporary dining room. Depending on the table that my husband creates for us…. these may be the perfect dining chair option for us.

And now some more cool designs!

The Victoria Ghost Chair is pretty cool and I love the look. Now, do not get me wrong…. I am not a lover of an ultra modern look but with the right traditional pieces these cool chairs can add a pop of color and youthfulness to your overall design. I love mixing styles and textures as I am not a fan of being too “matchy matchy”. I like combining styles to create a look and style all my own. These are just perfect for that.

I love the Curule Dining Chair. I am not sure that I would personally use this as a dining chair  but instead I would love this as a sitting option in another space. I have a wall table that is perfect for the entryway and maybe one of these on each side with a little throw pillow would be a great seating and decor option for that space. Do not get me wrong…. this is also a cool style of chair for the perfect table but when I saw this piece I immediately started thinking about this as a great entryway seating option with my side table. So fabulous looking!

As you can tell…. I love the Eames Molded Chairs. The ones pictured at the top, are molded plastic which provide bright vivid pops of color while these are molded wood and are perfect for someone that stays with neutrals and natural color tones. These are just gorgeous and they look so amazingly comfy. I am stuck between the molded plastic versus molded wood…. and am not sure which I like best. All I can say is that they are pretty amazing and I would love either.

The Mayfair Dining Chair is another striking ultra cool dining chair for sure. I love the natural tan leather color but I also really like the darker color as well. It would depend on the color scheme that I end up going with… but both colors here are equally gorgeous. The striking lines of the legs on this chair are a beautiful touch… and it looks so sleek. I could see this chair being used for alternate seating purposes as well. Depending on the height…. this could be a great chair for my desk area.

As you can see…. there are so many super cool chairs to check out at Modern Digs. These are just a handful of the 30 coolest dining chairs so let’s check out a few more! Oh… and remember… they can be used in other ways as well. They are not just for your dining table and can be used in other spaces and areas of your home. The sky’s the limit with design and style so be creative and take a chance. You will not be disappointed.

So, do you have plans to add some new pieces to update your home anytime soon? Are you looking to update your homes style and refresh it with new and modern pieces? Do you have a specific style that you love and if so what is it? Tell me all about your favorite style here today and leave some comment love! And as always, thank you for visiting Deliciously Savvy!

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