3 Ways to utilize rap beats for your next track

Rap music has come a long way.  From its humble beginnings in the ghettos of New York, it has transformed into a global phenomenon. It has over the decades morphed into the hip-hop culture, a culture that has influenced people’s lives all across the world. Going forward rap’s influence on society will continue to grow. That’s because advances in technology now allow anyone with talent can make rap music. For instance, nowadays, there are companies that sell rap beats,at an affordable cost. For as low as $30, it is possible to get access to royalty free rap instrumentals and let your creativity flow from that point on. However, like most other things in life, you have to put in work. Rap beats are just the baseline. You have to put in work, and come up with the lyrics, videos, and all other aspects to music that draw in listeners, and viewers. To help you make the most of your rap beats, here are 3 ways to utilize rap beats for your next track.

1.    Use them to create an old-school rap track
From the days of Funk Master Flex in the 80s, 2Pac and Biggie in the mid-90s, to today’s rappers like Kendrick Lamar, rap beats have changed significantly over the years. However, there is a certain nostalgia that is associated with hip-hop music made from the mid-90s to the early 2000s. Hip-hop music from this age is still adored by many. Most people who love rap music from this era have a unique emotional connection to the music, and that’s a big deal for any musician. To tap into this market, you can utilize your rap beats to create a track that reignites memories of the golden era of hip-hop. So long as the lyrics are good, it would be a hit.

2.     Use them to infuse rap with other genres
Rap is now a mainstream genre that is perfectly compatible with other genres of music. For instance, Jay Z made a chart-topping track, Numb Encore, with Linkin Park proving that an infusion of rap and other genres can do wonders. You can try a similar thing with your track too. Try fusing your rap beats with another genre of your choice, and test it out in the market. You will be surprised at how many people love this fusion of music genres. ‘

3.    Use them to create a club hit
Rap is versatile. That’s why rap beats can be used to make a club hit like, how high by Redman and Method Man, or to create a conscious track like dear mama by Tupac. Both songs have rap beats but convey very different messages. To create buzz around your album, if that’s what you are aiming for, you can use rap beats to create a club hit, something that people can jam to in the club. This can go a long way in pushing your album sales than most other promotional strategies.A good rap beat is easy to jam to, and if you top it up with catchy lyrics, you will win.