All Things Savvy!!!


Healthy and Delicious! Recipe under Healthy Eats! Try It Today!
Healthy and Delicious!
Recipe under Healthy Eats! Try It Today!


This is the first original post to my new site and blog,  Deliciously Savvy! This will be a site for the savvy shopper who LOVES to cook , read,  shop at antique shops and thrift stores, decorate their homes and make their “home a home” using savvy tips to decorate on a pinch!!! It is about cooking meals that we love, as well as delicious and healthy meals so that we can find the healthy balance our bodies and lifestyles need!!! Hey this is all new to me, I am a true southern girl at heart,  who was raised on delicious southern, down home meals that are AMAZING!!! But too much of a good thing is usually just that…. too much. So together we will learn to balance out the foods and recipes we love with healthy light flavorful recipes throughout! There will be health and beauty tips for the savvy shopper. AND…… I am most excited about the Treasures page……. where I will show step by step the refinishing process of some vintage finds….. that aren’t much to look at now, BUT will be when I am through with it. When we finish one piece, we will move onto another.  It will be journey we can take together!Let’s create dateless style on a budget! Let’s be Deliciously Savvy!!!

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