My Savvy Review of Rs-Tec’s 4 in 1 Car Escape Tool | Digital Tire Gauge #digitaltiregauge_escape_tool

My Savvy Review of Rs-Tec’s 4 in 1 Car Escape Tool | Digital Tire Gauge #digitaltiregauge_escape_tool

Rs-Tec 2I received this product in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless I only review products that I am interested in for me and my family and of course for sharing with my readers.

My husband loved this handy tool! He especially was excited that it was a digital tire gauge that would be easy for me and him to use, as well as extremely accurate. We all know that it is extremely important for your tires to be properly inflated for both safety and for saving your family money by conserving fuel mileage. BUT, he was really excited when he realized that this was so much more than “just” a Digital Tire Gauge. This is a 4 in 1 escape tool as well!

Check out all of the benefits in the pics below:

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First…. it is an amazingly accurate tire gauge! We already discussed that. Second…. it is designed to be a window hammer so that in the event of an emergency and if needed, you can break a window in your car. Third… it has a seat belt cutter so that you can cut through the seat belt to get out of the vehicle in the event you need to and cannot. Fourth… it has a small light for night conditions when you need to see the small tire valve stem on your cars tire. It is pretty awesome and I am keeping it in the center console of my minivan in case I ever need those extra tools in the event of an emergency. I definitely recommend this product for every vehicle that you own. We are ordering another for my husbands car.

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Product Description

  • Improve your car’s mileage and preserve your tires by checking your tire pressure using the accurate digital tire pressure gauge, switch among Psi/Bar, can be used on a car, motorcycle or minitruck, auto shut-off in 30sec
  • Tested seat belt cutter knife which will cut a seat belt in emergencies
  • Better to be safe then sorry, use the window hammer to break a car’s side window in case of an emergency
  • Handy pocket torch integrated to find the vale in low light conditions
  • Rugged and strong design for a long-life, LCD backlight to improve readings

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